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Unlimited low cost power, available continuously and ubiquitously for your EV

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EV charging reimagined: cheaper, faster and more convenient than gas-powered vehicles

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Breakthrough EV Charging Solutions

Our solutions are much better for EV owners and much better for the grid. We eliminate the current burden of EV charging and transform EVs into an important component of the new electrical grid.


We Design Equipment

Scalable systems with flexible routing of power to optimize utilization and maximize total site capacity while matching the charging use case.

Bolt true fast charging

Introducing DEAPs: much smaller, much faster and bidirectional ready

Gravity's Distributed Energy Access Points are 8" thick and 18" high and can charge at 500kW. Modular and Scalable architecture with multiple mounting options that can fit the footprint of any parking space.

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Flexible and Versatile

Proprietary retractors with mounting options for all layouts.

Wall mount2 min Wall Mount
Wall mount min Ceiling Mount
Floor mount Floor Mount
Equipment details
true fast


Equipment features
  • Liquid cooled CCS cables (>500amp continuous).
  • Proprietary liquid to liquid cooling technology for silent operation.
  • Multiple mounting options (vertical/wall, horizontal, ceiling or soffit).
  • Scalable, add more stations when needed.
  • UL listed (File: E533308)
True fast

Power Cabinet

Equipment features

Power cabinets are modular sets of 30kW power modules that can be routed flexibly to a set of dispensers.

  • Modular and scalable to over 20MW with 30kW power modules.
  • Flexible switch matrix.
  • Can be installed up to 500 feet away from dispensers.
  • UL listed (File: E533308)

200kW is the new AC

Charge in minutes, not hours

Stand Alone Dispenser

Stand-alone unit features. (Coming Soon)
  • Small stand alone units with a similar footprint to AC chargers, with over 4X the charging speed.
  • Perfect for 480V, 240V, 208V power supply.
  • 30kW and 60kW configurations
  • Ideal for the common 1-3 hour charge time use case

Dispensers + Power Cabinets

Distributed Architecture features.
  • Small dispensers that can be used anywhere, from parking garages to outdoor curbs.
  • Charging capacity of at least 200kW.
  • Charge for 13 minutes for up to a 200 mile range
  • Modular and scalable - flexibly add more power or more dispensers.

We Design Scalable DEAP Systems

Scalable systems to optimize the utilization of power and match the charging use case.

5-15 min charging time

Dedicated Charging Distributed Architecture
Power Supply

Central power cabinet and fully downstream isolated individual dispensers. Power Cabinets can be hidden up to 500 feet away from the dispensers.


Central power cabinet and fully downstream isolated individual dispensers. Power Cabinets can be hidden up to 500 feet away from the dispensers.

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30-60 min charging time

Distributed Architecture

Similar distributed architecture as the True Fast Charging with a central power unit and simple small dispensers that allows scaling from 30-200kW per station.

Stand Alone (coming soon)

Small stand alone 30kW or 60kW units compatible with 480V, 240V and 208V power supply, with a similar footprint to an AC charger.

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+8 hours charging time


Intended for personal home garage or private office parking.

  • Up to 19.2kW.
  • Inexpensive and simple operation.
  • Ideal for situations where the vehicle can be plugged in all day or all night.
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Full service central management and control of all charging equipment at all sites.

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Software & support

  • 24/7 support and monitoring.
  • Fully Integrated Equipment, Backend and Front-end Software.
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Turnkey solutions for your entire real estate portfolio

One-stop EV Infrastructure Solutions

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    Retrofit your existing sites and integrate with new developments

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    Full construction operation, permitting, financing.

  • Group 1

    Regulatory filing under one roof.

  • Gravity leases the parking spaces associated with charging equipment as:
    • Sites 1


      Exclusive 24/7 reserved spaces for Gravity.

    • Sites 2


      Shared spaces for Gravity, use at night and weekends, and for garage use during the day (valet sites).

  • Deployed across garage portfolios managed and operated by Gravity.
    • Sites 1

      Exclusively for Your Parking Clients

      Sites with no special arrangement for Gravity fleet.

    • Sites 2

      Shared Charging Revenue

      Net charging revenues are shared.

  • Gravity sells, installs and maintains custom equipment sites with no special arrangement for Gravity fleet.
    • Sites 1


      Install the correct equipment to match the site needs.

    • Sites 2


      4-5 times faster than existing equipment with minimal footprint.

Maximum utilization of all available incentives in all cases, including filing and planning.

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Discovery call.
Portfolio wide discovery of space and electrical with photos, plans, and videos by gravity team.
Detailed walkthrough of identified viable sites.
Site survey evaluation with local power authority.
Diligence on available public incentives and grants.
Gravity proposal for site.
Construction and full install


Why Install EV Chargers.

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Increase revenue by offering EV charging.

Group 160

Drive additional business to your site.

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Be part of the transition to a green economy.


Comply with existing and upcoming legislative sustainability requirements.


Capture large public incentives currently available, which will not last.

user benefits

EV Chargers for users

How users benefit

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    Never worry about charging

    Skip all dedicated charging trips. Your EV will always be fully charged when in a Gravity coverage area.

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    Full Service Sites

    Drop off your car and pick it up at your leisure fully charged.

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    Simple and Easy

    Integrated with our mobile app for ease of use, reservations, remote monitoring, etc.

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    Amenities and Convenience

    Sites have amenities that include informational touch screens, WiFi, and bathrooms, and are always in close proximity to coffee, restaurants and shopping.


More locations nationally coming soon.

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